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Manifest Your Next Soulmate

Manifest Your Next Soulmate


Do you want to know more about your next relationship?


This is the ultimate reading that encompasses the help of the divine. In this reading, using tarot and channeling your guides, we'll answer all of the following:


  • Your next soulmate?
  • How can you attract them?
  • What can you do more of to be open to them
  • Something about them you don’t see?
  • How you’ll meet?
  • Your 1st impression?
  • How you’ll know it’s them?
  • What to do in the mean time?


What you’ll receive: A link to a full 15-30 min private video of me reading your cards using a minimum of 16 cards. I'll show each card and explain how they energetically connect to you. I will not read on health or give legal advice.


Once the reading is complete I will send you the private video link via the email (please note nothing will be sent in the mail, this is a digital service) you provided so that you can keep it forever and watch as many times as you'd like.

Once ordered, this reading will be delivered within 5 - 30 days of purchase. Readings are done first come first serve and will be delivered in the order purchased. Most readings are done within the first 2 weeks of order, but depeding on my energy and how many readings have been booked out this can take more time.

  • Cancellation Policy

    If you would like to cancel your reading and receive a refund, please contact me no later than 48 hours after booking the service. You can contact me via email at I do not issue refunds if notified 48 hours after booking. Please contact me with further questions. 

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