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Hi I’m Kloee Taylor

To date I’ve helped thousands of people on their own paths to authenticity and to discover true power within. Starting in my young adulthood and into my thirties, I’ve always known I was meant to serve the collective in a soulful and purposeful way.
I’ve studied astrology beginning in my adolescence, alongside Tarot and human psychology. Although I have a wealth of guides, I am completely self taught on my spiritual journey.
I’ve always been highly intuitive, highly sensitive, and a massive dreamer. As a young child, I would feel the pain of other people as a visceral thing. It would mean years of struggle for me as I continued unaware that I was absorbing the negative energies of the hurt souls around me.

Astrology Dice

As a means of coping, I put distance between myself and others. The pain began to subside then, but I was alone and searching for a greater meaning. At this time I finally began the process of completely breaking down my past assumptions. To many who knew me, I was becoming a stranger, but only here would I find my own personal power and align with my own path. The more I stopped looking to others’ paths and focused on my own, the more my path unfolded effortlessly in front of me.
I had to learn to protect my energy and create both physical and energetic boundaries. I’ve come through some of the barest, loneliest moments of my life so that I am now able to shine bright in my own authentic power.

I am now, at last, able to make meaningful connections in my life and reunite with my soul circle. I finally quit the job I hated and began pursuing my passions without fear or regret.
I have opened myself up to my own limitless potential and accepted that living my dream life is my birthright, not a privilege for the rare few.
I’ve taken fear and anxiety out of the driver seat, and put myself behind the wheel for the first time ever!
everything you'll find here is the product of all of those experiences. And I want to share it with everyone.

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Healing Stones

Kloee Taylor is the corner of the internet I designed with you in mind! As cheesy as that sounds it’s the truth. I am very much still on my own spiritual journey, but I’m taking you along for the ride with me!

Every day I dive deeper into my soul, and shine as bright as I possibly can so that I can be a lighthouse in attracting souls that are ready to unfold their own authentic path.

Book me for a reading or just browse through the site. I’m sure if you’ve stumbled your way in here there is a kozy little space with your name on it.

May your authentic path ever be unfolding.


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